50% off 2nd pound Special of Klamath USA Alder Smoked Salmon Jerky
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Smoked Salmon Jerky

50% off 2nd pound Special

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While Klamath USA Smoked Salmon Fish may not be World famous we do have customers who stopped by our Market in Klamath from all over the world and have enjoyed our Very Special Smoked Salmon Jerky. Our smoked fish is freshly smoked and vacuum packed in a see through Gold pouch to insure and extend freshness.


100% Line Caught Wild Salmon

Fish, salt, sugar, spices, natural smoke

Natural Hickory or Alder Wood Smoke

Loaded with the all important Omega-3 fatty acids

No Preservatives

No Coloring

100% Natural

We take great pride in our Klamath USA Smoked Salmon and Salmon Jerky.

And it all starts with the FISH.

The Klamath USA label is only Wild Line caught Alaskan Salmon from the deepest coldest waters. The cold waters make for better fish and that means a better end product.

" The proof is in the eating "

Traditional Country Style Smoked Salmon Jerky

Cured in Salt, Sugar, Spices and Sprinkled with Course Ground Pepper and then Smoked to a dark brown with Alder wood and Hickory in our smoke house.

We Call this one of our Pioneer Jerky, as it requires no refrigeration until after opened.

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